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There are many free and helpful resources all over the internet that small business can benefit from.  Here are several helpful tax and

accounting small business resources we recommend (feel free to share your recommendations with us:

– Free financial calculators. Estimate your income taxes with free tax calculators, a home loan with a mortgage calculator

and many more.

-IRS website where you can search for Federal tax forms and information.

-Determine the status of your federal tax refund.

– Access copies of your federal tax returns and tax documents (W2’s, 1099’s etc).

– Where you can make federal tax payments.

-To determine eligibility and enroll in a qualified health care plan through the Federal Market Place.

-Where you can find links to all state and local government tax websites.

– Tax information for businesses.

-The Business Development team markets Texas as the world's premier business destination and pursues business expansion and relocation prospects, 

 with the goal of developing job creation and export opportunities for Texas.

– United States Social Security Administration website with information and access to all aspects of Social Security.

-An excellent organization that offers FREE or low priced information and classes.

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